Monday, 24 September, 2018
Sidhars, who followed and practiced Tamil Medicine strongly believed that no one can win the fate of time and the time is ruled by Shiva along with two other Gods - Brahma and Vishnu.

The heat produced by the time, creates the four principle form of energies in human beings, which are Hunger, Thirsty, Sleep and Sexual arousal.

Tamil Medicine believes that, Hunger, Thirsty and Sleep, if not satisfied to the human, then it will create health related problems while over sexual activity will also bring down the health condition.

Any activity that disturbs the requirement for food, water and sleep and also excessive sexual activity will inturn disturb the relationship between human body and the Soul. If the relationship between body and soul is spoiled, then the human will end up with death.

Tamil Medicine also discusses about the way a human breaths. i.e., effects are detailed on the direction of nausal through which a human breaths.

Tamil Medicine associates all diseases to the form of Body Heat, for example too much heat will cause diahreah while cool condition will bring in head aches and cold.

Medicine and treatment is given on basis of symptoms.